oval track

  • A race course which is shaped like an oval rather than a circle. Sometimes used to describe any race track, other than a road race.
  • An oval track is a dedicated motorsport circuit, primarily in North America, which differs from a road course in that it only has turns in one direction, which is almost universally left. Oval tracks often have banked turns as well.
  • A roller coaster track layout that forms an oval shape, which is a very common layout for junior roller coasters.

    race cars

  • (race car) racer: a fast car that competes in races
  • An automobile built or modified for racing
  • Auto racing (also known as automobile racing, motor racing, or car racing) is a motorsport involving the racing of cars. It is one of the world’s most watched televised sports.

    for sale

  • For Sale is the fifth album by German pop band Fool’s Garden, released in 2000.
  • For Sale is a tour EP by Say Anything. It contains 3 songs from …Is a Real Boy and 2 additional b-sides that were left off the album.
  • purchasable: available for purchase; “purchasable goods”; “many houses in the area are for sale”

oval track race cars for sale

Warp Records Warp20 Box Set (1989-2009)

Warp Records Warp20 Box Set (1989-2009)
Warp Records Warp20 Box Set (1989-2009)
Label:Warp Records – WARP20
3 × Vinyl, LP, 10", Compilation
2 × Vinyl, 10", Single Sided, Etched, Compilation
CD, Mixed, Compilation
4 × CD, Compilation
Box Set
Released:05 Oct 2009
Genre:Classical, Electronic, Hip Hop, Rock
Style:Leftfield, Abstract, Instrumental, Glitch, Techno, Post Rock, Ambient, IDM, Electro, Drum n Bass, Modern Classical, Experimental, Breakbeat

20th anniversary release comes packaged in a 10 inch square slipcase wrapped in charcoal Buckram embossed paper with tipped-on gloss-laminated cover photograph. Limited to pre-order sales plus a small number sold at Warp20 events and through select retail outlets from 5th October 2009. 5000 copies were manufactured.
Original purchasers from Bleep (Warp Records’ commercial website) were also given the option to download "Warp20 (Unheard)" in MP3 320kbps format.
Warp20 (Unheard): Triple 10" Vinyl LP – Housed in uncoated card sleeves with debossed foiled typography.
Catalogue ?: WARPLP20°(A-F) on cover, WARPLP200 in run-out groove.
Warp20 (Infinite): Double 10" Vinyl – all tracks on vinyl sides G & I contain short infinite locked-groove loops. Vinyl sides H & J have two different versions of the Warp20 infinite Möbius etched on the surface without tracks, housed in uncoated card sleeves with debossed covers with foiled typography.
Catalogue ?: WARPLP20°(G&I) on cover, WARPLP 200 in run-out groove.
Warp20 (Elemental): CD mixed compilation – packaged in deluxe case bound 10" folder. Tracks are numbered 01-65 on the cover, however, there are only 13 tracks on the CD itself: each containing on average 5 sections, samples, or fragments of each tune per track. Mixed in NW5.
Catalogue ?: WARPCD20°
Warp20 (Recreated): Double CD compilation – 2 x CDs featuring cover versions of Warp songs by Warp artists packaged in a deluxe case-bound 10" folder.
Catalogue ?: WARPCD20¹
Warp20 (Chosen): Double CD compilation – tracks on CD1 were chosen by fans on the Warp20 website & CD2 was chosen by Warp co-founder Steve Beckett. Personal messages and memories from Warp20.net feature on a large pullout poster. Packaged in a deluxe case-bound 10" folder.
Catalogue ?: WARPCD20²
Comes with a 192 page book of the complete Warp Records catalogue (1989-2009) in graphite coloured non-coated card cover with debossed and foiled typography.
All tracks mastered at Metropolis, London except: G1 to I25 mastered at Dubplates & Mastering Design; CD3-1 mastered at Loud, Taunton.
This compilation ?&© 2009 Warp Records Limited.

Warp20 (Unheard)
A1Boards Of Canada – Seven Forty Seven6:43
B1Autechre – Oval Moon (IBC Mx)7:11
B2Clark* – Rattlesnake1:58
C1Plaid – Dett5:11
C2Elecktroids – Elecktroids Bonus Circuit2:41
D1Flying Lotus – Tronix3:46
D2Nightmares On Wax – Biofeedback Dub5:08
E1Plaid – Sam Lac Run3:49
E2Nightmares On Wax – Mega Donutz Dub5:14
F1Broadcast – Sixty Forty4:29
F2Seefeel – As Link

Warp20 (Infinite)
G1Boards Of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy
G2Jamie Lidell – Daddy No Lie
G3Plone – Bibi Plone
G4Broadcast – Michael A Grammar
G5Battles – Atlas
G6Two Lone Swordsmen – Hope We Never Surface
G7LFO – Ultra Schall
G8Clark* – The Magnet Mine
G9Jimi Tenor – Sugardaddy
G10Polygon Window – Quoth
G11Flying Lotus – GNG BNG
G12Squarepusher – Illegal Dustbin
G13Chok Rock – Give It Up
G14Pivot – In The Blood
G15Boards Of Canada – Open The Light
G16LFO – Freak
G17Other People Place, The – Let Me Be Me
G18Aphex Twin – Fingerbib
G19Mira Calix – Ithanga
G20Autechre – Basscadet
G21Mira Calix – Upiyano
G22Plaid – Ol
G23Disjecta – Dormin
G24Bibio – S’Vive
G25Something J / DJ Maxximus – Mercedes Bentley Vs Versace Armani (DJ Maxximus Dubplate Remix)
I1Boards Of Canada – Telephasic Workshop
I2Autechre – Theme Of Sudden Roundabout
I3Leila – The Exotics
I4Broadcast – Corporeal
I5Antipop Consortium – Ghostlawns
I6Sabres Of Paradise, The – Ano Electro (Allegro)
I7Harmonic 33 – The Shapeshifter
I8Chris Clark – Frost Investigation
I9V.L.A.D. – Roll_X
I10Aphex Twin – On
I11Move D – Cymbelin
I12Drexciya – Black Sea
I13Broadcast – America’s Boy
I14Mira Calix – Paarl
I15Boards Of Canada – An Eagle In Your Mind
I16Flying Lotus – Parisian Goldfish
I17Nightmares On Wax – I’m For Real
I18Jamie Lidell – Da Doo Doo
I19Squarepusher – The Barn (303 Kebab Mix)
I20Autechre – Draun Quarter
I21Nightmares On Wax – A Case Of Funk
I22Squarepusher – My Red Hot Car (Girl)
I23Boards Of Canada – Spiro
I24Disjecta – Alum Chime
I25Mike Ink – Paroles (Mike Ink Remix 96)

Warp20 (Elemental)
CD1-1.1Forgemasters – Track With No Name
CD1-1.2!!! – Hello? Is This Thing On?
CD1-1.3Elecktroids – Future Tone
CD1-1.4LFO – We Are Back
CD1-1.5Lex Loofah – Freaky Deaky (More Bounce To The Ounce Mix)
CD1-1.6DJ Majuva* – Township Funk
CD1-1.8Coco Steel & Lovebomb – Feel It
CD1-1.9Tricky Disco – Tricky Disco
CD1-1.10DJ Majuva* – Township Funk
CD1-2.1Red Snapper – Hot Flush

2004 Maserati MC12

2004 Maserati MC12
Photo, paint & decals by PB74.

Maserati has designed a new road-going Grand Tourer known as the MC12 from which a GT racing version has also been developed. The result is that 37 long years after its last victory in an international championship (1967, Cooper Maserati F1, South African Grand Prix), the Trident is returning to the track.

The Ferrari Maserati Group’s wealth of knowledge and technological excellence have been poured into the design of the new car. In addition to this, its styling was developed in the wind tunnel from a Giugiaro idea by the Maserati technicians with the fundamental contribution of Frank Stephenson, the Ferrari Maserati Group’s own Director of Concept Design and Development. The European type-approved version of the new car goes on sale after the summer.

Designed for high level road use, it can exceed 330 km/h at full throttle, sprinting from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds. Although easy and pleasant to drive on the road, the MC12 is also a brilliantly dynamic car. It handles very sweetly and fluidly yet the driver can still feel all the power of a genuinely sporty thoroughbred under the surface. The new model adds the definitive flourish to Maserati’s return to the racing circuits after the recent and highly successful debut in the Daytona 24 Hour Race, of the Trofeo Light, inspired by the equally impressive single-series protagonist. Under the guidance of engineer Giorgio Ascanelli, Maserati’s Racing Division is currently developing the new car to meet the rules of the major international championships.

The client version for road use will be available exclusively in a white and blue livery, harking back to an old Trident tradition. In fact, blue and white are the colours of the America Camoradi (Casner Motor Racing Division) Scuderia which raced the famous Maserati Tipo 60-61 Birdcages in the very early 1960s with Stirling Moss as their lead driver.

Light, Rigid Structure

The Maserati MC12 is a two-seater long-tail coupe-spider with a long wheel base 110 inches (2800 mm). It has a typical racing/sporty set-up with a removable hard top. It is also powered by an impressive 630 hp (465 kW), 366.0 cu. in (6 litre) mid-rear V12 engine and boasts 41%-front and 59%-rear weight distribution. Highly advanced composites and alloys have enhanced its structural rigidity and kept its overall weight down. The MC12’s bodywork is entirely carbon fibre, while its stress-bearing chassis is made from a carbon fibre and Nomex honeycomb sandwich. Two aluminium sub-chassis’s support the ancillaries, help absorb bumps, and guarantee an excellent standard of safety.

Styling & Aerodynamics

As a result of its imposing dimensions, the MC12’s styling is very much functionally-inspired. Intensive wind tunnel testing and advanced mathematical computations, combined with work on the track and road, have resulted in an extraordinarily efficient form that absolutely exudes power and personality. The air intakes, vents and other aerodynamic components have been designed to optimise the car’s internal fluid dynamics and air flows to ensure optimal downforce (vertical load) and aerodynamic efficiency values.

The bonnet is characterised by the sinuous lines formed by two large tapering apertures, culminating in the classic Maserati grille opening with a Trident at its centre. The bonnet and wheelarches, into which the Bi-Xenon headlamp units are set, are a one-piece moulding which is also removable.

A channel along the side of the car stretches from the front wheel vent to an inlet just in front of the rear wheel. This solution contributes to aerodynamic downforce whilst also improving aerodynamic efficiency.

Above the hard top, there is a snorkel for the engine compartment. The rear section is dominated by the engine and the slender yet imposing two-metre carbon wing with two fins and, at its base, a small spoiler in which the third stop light has been inserted. The inverted half moon design of the exhausts is the most striking part of the tail section. The whole underside of the car has been faired in and sealed and there are two generous diffusers also which deliver maximum ground effect.

Cambiocorsa Transmission

In line with the MC12’s performance-oriented design, it is supplied exclusively with the six-speed Maserati Cambiocorsa transmission offering computerised gear selection. The driver doesn’t need to touch the clutch with this electro-hydraulic gearbox and instead selects the gears using the paddles mounted behind the steering wheel. The transmission’s two modes are selected at the touch of a button. The Sport mode will be the driver’s most frequent choice and includes a good dose of traction control, while the Race setting enhances the kind of sporty behaviour typically seen on the track. In Race mode, in fact, the system delivers much nippier gear changing and activates the ASR also.

Wheels & Suspension

The MC12 has independent wishbone suspensio

oval track race cars for sale


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